Monday, 23 March 2009

Laziness and Moi

meeeennnn!!!i neva update becuz i dey buZZZZZYYY!!!
ok na lie,
just being plain old LAZY...
i got gist sha but meeen!!
sorry to disappoint the "few", me just plain old lazy!
i've stopped procastinating..
(can i have a BIG cheer somebody)!!!
i'll be back in a flash

Thursday, 5 February 2009

"mini" & Spoil-teneousity!!!!

Guess ur all so curious.
well,i've had too many COME-BACKS (meaningless ones).
this time around i'm making a QUIET "re-re-re-RE-entry"
(whatever that means)
decided to sit in front of the Big tube
and catch up on all i've been missing
(abi wey i don miss)
couldn't help but admire what Soulja boy and Sammie did in "kiss me through the phone"
(luvly video i must add).
imma sucker fe luv!!!

neways guess my love for CRUNK music will NEVER end,
i've seen so many "lean back(s)!!"
and stumbled on "stanky legz" by the gsboyz.
couldn't help but wonder...hmmm!!!

yup i go skool
and no try correct me...bcos i dey absolutely correct.
"SPOIL-TENEOUS"..act of messing up ur rep when acting impulsively..
ATTRIBUTES of spoil-teneousity;-u regret ur actions afterwards.

Decided to play D.J. to Lil MZBirthday girl after she called
to tell me her was a week earlier.
apart from being dead-ass-broke,
i felt i could still make her day worth-while.
(tots running in my head)
--i got it!!!--PLAY HER A SONG.
next thing i did was ask her,
"what song wud u luv to listen to"?
she giggled ,
then said, "i trully don't know"
==="hey!, take a pick"
(me being all so confident)
Mz="D'banj's, "U don mek me fall in luv"
==="hold on a sec i'll call ya back"
(ooh no!them busy on the pc)..
hmm!!yup i got it
heads over to my pal
==="hey!can i have ur phone"
Pal,"hmm!!why u smiling sheepishly, what u up to?"
==="can i just have ur phone pls"
hands it out
dials again
==="hi there, this is D.J. ...(cant remember wat i called miself again)
this song is going out to
trully am sorry i cant get u anything but this is from moi"
hits the play button
yup! i PLAYED it from start to finish
at the end , i decided to give a speech
==="hey!happy, wishing u the best, ok
gotto run".
hangs up

ever since, Lil Mz been acting all so so weird
no christmas or new year greeting.
agreed she hardly calls but i called her about a week ago
and well her phone went dead in the middle of a conversation.
yeah! yeah!!!
i know wat ur thinking
but i feel that even if her battery "went" flat,
she should have had the courtesy to send a text message.

wonder how long that would last
looks up

Monday, 3 November 2008

Story So Far

I am not going to sit here and cry out loud about my sorry life.
neways urs trully has been threading the path of self-discovery!
(yeah right!!- felt it sounds cool)
no be sey i no dey serious o!
the honest truth? heesh!!!i think i'm loosing my mind.
i read the newspapers not for info or watever, but cuz i don't want mi "mind" to wander"
yup Wolfiee has been thinking way too much about his wolfiee existence.
okay no drama here o!
but i no even know where to start.
just realised i keep going the extra mile for folks who don't deserve it
and i keep asking myself this question?
"if Wolfieee passess away today will my friends(so called) even know im gone"?
i feel like screaming...
AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh!!Ppppiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss Offfffffffffff!!
i doubt if any part of wat i been mumbling and pouring out makes any sense.
but to me it does....
does being me , make me a bad person?
i no thief, i no kill, i no be saint!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Journey So Far

i've been on trying to post my welcome-welcome-welcome back blog
for the past 14hrs and counting(trust me, it's not figurative)
anyways it never was my intent to "leave" mi blogville neighbours out in the cold
but all was for a good reason.
been going through a lot in my wolfiee life.
neways, hopefully lets see if i'll be back for good.
12:34 AM
just want to say a big thank u to a couple of mi neighbours
(u know urself)
for believing in me and for the rest of u say shame shame shame to urself!!!
give way ,i Baaaaccckkkkkk!!!
spread the news!!!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I'VE BEEN CLAWED......!!!!

anyways i'm going to deviate from una RULES o!!!
abeg no looku me like that!
(looks back)can't see no cop on my tail,
anyways id better get on with it..
i hear Tears decided to cry"fully" "tag" me

1: i luv rounding up figures to the nearest zero's
well cuz i don't like numbers that end with 9,2,4,5,6,3,1,8,7
if its not a zero..ill stop there and give u some example..
my telephone numbers all end with zero's(one with two zeros and
the other a "shingle" zero).watsoever i've got in my bank account
must also end with a zero.i don't think im obsessed am i?

2: i've got a tip for the lady's, although i'ld be giving it out for free.
does "waking up, looking into the mirror and screaming at the top of ur
voice cuz u've got a mole on ur face and 2morrows that "special"
day",sounds familiar?anyways urs truly does this...ehm..applies a lil bit of
saliva on it
NB: never under any circumstance press a mole on ur face..apply a lil bit
of saliva on it ..wake up next morning its either gone or unnoticeable..
yuck!!!abi? see ur face!saliva don't come in sachets ooh!!!hmmm!on second tots
business fit don come...(says with Igbo accent)!!!
if ur own no work call me...1-800-wolfieeSalivavanish toll free.i deliver
anywere in the world.

3: a sight that appalls me in Eko is seeing ladies with "flabby" bellies
spoting a tight,short blouse with a tight pair of pants revealing how curved
their belies are.i definately don't have a preference when it comes to size,
but try not to wear wats in vogue, but what looks good on ya..iv seen
some big women who were so FLY...abi na HOT.

4: i hate,absolutely HATE wearing shoes. i'ld rather walk out of the house
in a pair of slippers than a pair of shoes. i hate wearing shirts , suits
ties.Lord save me!
anyways ive been praying to God to help me out with a wife who would
help me out(not FORCE me)

5: i worry too much about other people.i guess thats why lots of them take me
for granted.but i've decided to SPOIL myself...u know(wink)

6: id rather have someone tell me something bad about their past,than
getting a mail with photos in it...abi videos

7: hush!hush!! unlike most fellas or Africans, i don't see anything wrong when
a lady happens to ask a guy out!yeah u heard me right..
if it ever happened to me...i'ld ....hmm!!!

8: im a sucker for luv....although it dont exists, wish it still did
i luv to be pampered....u know rub my fur(howllll)
what u give u recieve...he!he!!he!!!
anyways i've got my claws all sharpened, hmm so who's gonna get "CLAWED"?
(dresses up in Royal attire)i hearby CLAW....
(heesh...i hardly have any friend on blogville)
i'll pass on that one(sorry to disappoint u)

Friday, 9 May 2008


anyone seen J-Holiday around?
can anyone spot the difference if any :Bllk-Wolf VS J-Holiday
okay!i see the look on ur faceand i sure do get the message...
i haven't gone gaga yet ok.
we ain't twin brothers though.
he's on the light side and i'm on the dark side(complexion ooh!not spookiness)
so what do we have in common?
he's a Red Sox (MLB) citizen and so am i in my own little way.
he sings pretty well and i croak pretty well too.
he sure knows how to treat his woman right and ladies i luv that song...
u know the one i dey talk of abi?BED!!!
(opens 32)"right stop and let me repay u
.....i luv it...u luv it
...everytime we
....i'll see u
....wanna put my fingers staring at u while u sleep Angel thanks for letting me bless u drift right back to heaven...(wink!!!!)
don't crucify me!!!!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

I need some Love

howdy blog "potters" lol!!!
anyways i didn't win a million bucks ,
neither did i get married to the future heir of the British throne(i know sey all of una wit bad belle go dey happy)
i need all of u to send ur love out to me...
iv been down all week and still am,
don't ask me why cuz its got nothing to do with matters of the heart
(see all of them graving for some hot gist)
spread the word, urs trully needs some show of love....